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Free! Clear Your Fears & Instantly Attract Abundant Opportunities

This class is taught by:

Arpita Gupta

Title: Holistic Consultant


Holistic Approaches Include: 


·         Lifestyle Coaching through Self Hypnosis

·         Holistic and Conscious Parenting

·         Human Behaviour Consultancy


Services Offered: 

o   Private Consultations

·         Awareness Seminars

·         Corporate Wellness Programs

·         Empowerment Workshops


Languages Spoken: English, Hindi and Bengali


Nationality: Indian


Certifications & Qualifications:


·         Clinical Hypnotherapist, EKAA

·         Certified Trainer and Facilitator, Carlton Advanced Management Institute

·         MBA, Human Resources


About Arpita:


Arpita is a Holistic Consultant at Illuminations Well-being Center dedicated to providing lifestyle coaching and consultancy through Hypnotherapy, Empowerment Training and Facilitation.


She is passionate about mental health and well-being, and finds joy in empowering individuals to find their path to happiness and harmony through self discovery and healing. In her personal quest to find balance and harmony in life, she left behind a successful career in the corporate sector and started her journey of self development and learning.


In her private consultations, Arpita focuses on healing through self hypnosis empowering her clients to take full responsibility of their lives. Her focus is to provide clarity for her clients to uncover their potential and inner power to propel personal growth. Her approach is based on compassion and self empowerment.


Arpita is an MBA and has over 14 years of experience in the corporate sector, which she now harnesses to create and deliver corporate wellness programs.


Arpita is a mum of twins and enjoys her workshops and seminars empowering parents with the knowledge and practice of holistic parenting and conscious nurturing. She finds profound satisfaction empowering parents to heal their past, equip them with holistic tools to bond with their children and nurture their emotional and spiritual growth and make parenting a ‘happy’ experience.



Investment: FREE!



For more information please email us at OR call 04 4487043 OR WhatsApp on +971 50 910 4710.

Looking forward to seeing you!

About the seminar:

Every challenge, obstacle or issue surfacing in your life is a unique opportunity 
for your mind, body, and soul to release your fears and rise to your true authentic potential where the impossible can be made possible.


Yet most of us remain entangled in the illusion of our fears and are left feeling discouraged where happiness appears to be a farsighted goal.


In this workshop, renowned therapist Arpita Mitra Gupta aims to transform your perception of pain and encourages you to utilize these opportunities, as a vehicle towards self-growth, uplifting you to your highest potential in every area.


Many who attend experience instant change such as:

  • New job or career opportunities
  • Clarity, confidence and inner peace
  • New relationships or easily reversing unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Physical body changes such as pain for years no longer cease to exist!


Part 1: Focuses on changing mindset and attitude towards our perception of situations we fear the most.


Part 2: Introduction to Mind Sciences to clear patterns and programs that we have acquired or picked up consciously or unconsciously.

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