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Access Bars Training Program

This class is taught by:

Nazish Khan

Title: Psychologist & Holistic Healer

Holistic Approaches Include: Postgraduate in Clinical Psychology with a spiritual & energetic approach in healing and therapies.


Therapies offered include:


• Couple Counselling & Healing
• One to one meditation training
• Access Bars
• Hypnotherapy
• Angel Card Reading
• Working with health issues like stress, cancer, arthritis, vision correction, diabetes, blood pressure, fertility issues (any medical conditions)
• Working with relationships & money issues
• Usui Reiki
• Kundalini Reiki
• Crystal Healing



Services Offered: Meditations, Private Consultations, Spiritual & Destination Retreats, Self-Empowerment Workshops & Holistic training Programs


Languages Spoken: Hindi & English


Nationality: Indian


Certifications & Qualifications:

• MSc. Foundations of Clinical Psychology - Bangor University, UK
• Bachelors of Arts in Psychology - Mumbai University, India
• Introduction to Counselling & Psychotherapy - WPF Therapy, London Bridge
• Level 5 – Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy - California Hypnosis Institute of India/EKKA
• Certified Yoga Teacher - The Yoga Institute
• Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator - Access Consciousness
• Crystal Healer & Facilitator – Divine Light Healing Centre, India
• Reiki Master – Divine Light Healing Centre (USUI SHIKI RYOHO), India
• Angel Card Reading & Channeling - Divine Light Healing Centre, India
• Kundalini Reiki – Reiki Spring, Dubai

About Nazish:

Nazish is a psychology post graduate with a spiritual-energetic approach in life. She works with energy methods like reiki, access bars & access body processes which works to create a powerful healing portal in a person and creates major life shifts in many areas of life toward better living and health. She did her post graduation in Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, Wales, UK and followed her passion to integrate her scientific knowledge in healing and spirituality. She studied many approaches in her attempt to explore the healing modalities. To name a few-hypnotherapy, reiki, access consciousness, angels, crystals, yoga & meditation etc.

She provides a complete mind-body-energy healing approach to facilitate a complete wellness solution for her clientele.


Benefits Include: Relationship Resolution, Freedom from anxiety, addiction cessation, emotional empowerment, health issues, weight issues, psychological issues, stress management and much more!


Nazish Khan instructs the following:

• Crystal Healing Course Basic
• Crystal Healing Advance
• Law of Attraction For Money
• Law of Attraction For Relationships
• Access Bars
• Angel Therapy Basic
• Angel Therapy advance



“I was relieved one session of Hypnotherapy of severe mouth ulcer it was followed by access bars which really help me many of areas of life. It was truly amazing experience.”

- Mohd Saud Syed


“I had severe pain under my left ribcage and I was treated by Nazish Khan through Hypnotherapy and felt better in just one session. Later the treatment was followed by psychotherapy and Access Talk to the Entities. I am very changed person now.”

Shazia Khan

“Through a series of past life regression and access sessions I was empowered and aware to transform my life completely. Today I am an independent person and I am thankful to Nazish for her contribution in my life.”

Kritika Shetty


I would like to thank Nazish for the wonderful course. It was very comprehensive and covered a lot of material. Nazish shared the knowledge very well and she added a lot of additional points to the course whenever she could , time permitting. The atmosphere was very friendly and we were free to clarify and ask questions whenever we wanted to.

The course left me with a feeling of wanting to come again so I will be definitely returning to Illuminations for more knowledge !
It was a pleasure and thank you.


- Karolina Taczala

Investment: AED 1300/- (+5% Vat)

For more information please email us at OR call 04 4487043
OR WhatsApp on +971 50 910 4710.

Looking forward to seeing you!

About the Training Program:
Access bars, is a set of 32 points on the head. Each bar represents one area of life. Where do you store issues with Money? The MONEY Bar! Where do you store judgments on your body? The BODY Bar! What about the fixed points of view about how creative or uncreative you are? Obviously in the CREATIVITY Bar! Some of the other Bars where stuff is stored is Control, Sexuality, Time, Space, Peace, Calm, Sadness, Joy, Communication and many more!

Each of these 32 points or "Bars" stores these in the form of energy. When we gently touch these points, these Bars start up like the engine of a car, and begin churning out and releasing this pent up energy resulting in more space being created within you! More space means also more consciousness and more awareness!


Why Learn Access Bars?

Access tools that are simple to use and will empower you
Easy to incorporate with other modalities
Can release limiting beliefs to create change in your life
Your family, friends, and clients will love it!

The first class in Access is The Bars®. Taking the Access Bars® class is a prerequisite for all Access Consciousness® Core Classes as it allows your body to process and receives the changes you are choosing with ease. Each Access Bars® session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific Bar being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change.


In this training, you will be learning the ff:

  • Learn the 32 Bar Points
  • Learn a Powerful Clearing Statement
  • Gift & Receive the Bars Twice

After completing the class you will be a certified Bars Practitioner!

Upcoming classes:

  • Fri 31 Aug 10:00 am - 6:00 pm with Nazish Khan

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