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Theta-Healing-Dubai  Stress Management Solutions





Avail a Free 30 Minute Stress Assessment Test:


In today’s fast paced society, we get deeply entangled in the challenges and pressures of daily life, and often forget to notice the negative patterns we form in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress.

This stress can eventually manifest as a threat to your peace of mind, balance and health.

What is Making You Stressed?  Take a Stress Assessment Test!

There are various factors such as Health, Relationships, Career & Work Related Issues, and Mental Patterns that create or induce stress and insecurity in individuals and drive individuals to unhealthy habits which result in physical, mental and emotional breakdown




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Job Pressures

Troubled Relationships

Poor Nutrition

Financial Struggles

StrugglesLack of Sleep

Our practitioner will offer a stress assessment test through various tools and techniques, which influence and drive our behavior, personality and coping mechanisms, in order to gain a holistic understanding of what the individual is undergoing and experiences at all levels.

Do You Resort to Unhealthy Habits to Deal with Stress?

Many individuals resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms such negative behavior or unhealthy lifestyle and habits as a way of relieving this stress.


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Anxiety & Anger        

Smoking & Drinking      



Resolve Your Stress Through Stress Management Solutions from Illuminations!

We all experience some degree of stress either in the mind, body or through our emotions.

Once we identify the main triggers of stress through our stress assessment test, we provide a product bundle of wellness solutions to resolve stress and insecurity stored in the physical, mental, bio-energy, emotional levels in order to achieve long term results.

Our goal is to help you increase energy levels, live naturally, and be healthier which will result in happiness and productivity.

About Our Stress Management Programa

Our Stress Management Therapy Package at Illuminations, combines the most powerful and natural, holistic healing and therapeutic solutions to identify the root cause and triggers of the stress in order to prevent this stress from reaching destructive levels.

Our wellness solutions focus on encouraging individuals to adopt a complete life style change in order to experiencelong-term success, happiness and good health.

These solutions include:

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Private Meditation,
Yoga, Breath work
And Mindfulness Practices
Life Coaching: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
& Trauma Release Therapy (EMDR)
Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy
And Relaxation Therapy
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Quantum & Bio Energetic Healing Therapies Naturopathy Through Acupressure
& Relaxation Therapy

About Our Stress Management Package & Benefits:

Our Stress Management Package Includes:

One Free Consultation for 30 Minutes
Stress Assessment Test.
Package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions recommended by the practitioner
MP3 Audio or Hand Outs offering tools and techniques for daily practice and lifestyle changes

Benefits Include:

**Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.
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